Monday, February 23, 2009

I've Been Tagged

Ok, I've been tagged again. This is a picture of Hyrum opening his birthday gifts on his first birthday. Ironically, his second birthday is next week and the last time I was tagged it was the week of Halloween and the picture I was told to find happened to be of Halloween the year before.
Now you are supposed to go to your documents or pictures file, open your 6th folder, and 6th picture and blog about it. Then choose 6 other people to tag. I choose, Gloria J., Tracey J., Andrea T., Doug J., Christy C., and Tera D.
Don't feel that you have to play this little game of tag, though I may give you the cold shoulder for a while if you don't. ;) Oh, and if the picture is inappropriate then you are off the hook, we would rather not see it.


Boy Mom said...

Happy Birthday Hyrum!

Tracey said...

cute picture Hy guy. And how funny that your pictures seem to go along with that same time of year. Thanks for the tag:)