Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Loa vacation

We again told the kids that if they did a good job with all of their chores this summer we would go on a family vacation and they chose Loa. (Do I love that they chose the most inexpensive vacation possible, yes I do)!  We like to go down during their county fair.  Here are a few pictures. 

Sunday, July 26, 2015


So Rob just helped me fix my blogspot account so that I can blog from my phone so hopefully I will start blogging again for my kids sake.  

Anyway, Hyrum and I stopped at a garage sale a month or so ago and he saw this Halloween Pok√©mon costume and really wanted it but it was $3.00 and he didn't have that much money on him.  When he said, "please mom!" I replied, "Well, $3.00 is kind of a lot to spend on a costume that you only wear one time a year."  He looked at me incredulously and said, "Mom, I am going to wear it almost every day." That made me laugh and so feeling that we got our moneys worth we now have a little Pikachu running around.