Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanks Giving on the James Side

Well, they asked me to try to stay away from the cooking as much as possible and focus my attention on pictures and the family blog.

We started with crafts for the girls. (Thanks Erin). They made these cute hair ribbons that you see Kait and Jeremiah sporting.

We finally broke down and used a church this year. The boys had their turkey bowl in the gym and then shot hoops.


Everyone pitched in with the cooking and food. There is something about everyone bringing their part of the meal and their strengths and personalities that make a meal and a family great.

Hyrum was starving and when we finally sat down to the beautifully decorated tables, thanks Tracey, he started in on the center pieces. He told me this IS the best meal of the year.

We allow all family members to come despite.....well back to that personality thing.

Back to David and Erin's house for pies.

Lots of Pies

Lets do this again!!!!!

I am soo thankful for my family. We missed you Laura, Carolyn, and families.