Monday, February 25, 2013

It's been a while so...

This was taken back when Rob was a little younger and still had hair.

Ah kids, they came walking into the kitchen thinking they looked so realistic. 

Tanner is updating his facebook page image.

Rob couldn't go to Soldier Hollow with us this year because he had a scout training so Michelle came.  Half way down the huge hill Caleb decided he was done sledding and started to climb out of his tube with Michelle yelling,"No! NO! Stay in it. Don't climb out, don't climb out!"  And then he ran from her and climbed under the fences,etc.  She had to drag him back to the lodge screaming.   So a good time was had by all.   Thanks Michelle.

I mostly sat in the lodge with Tanner to keep him out of the cold but I did go out for just a bit with him to snap some pictures.

"but Mom, I look so cute.  Take a picture of me."
"Yeah, ok, you do look cute. One picture and then put things back and quit touching."

I don't know why but I bought this cheap Santa suit for Rob.  I had him try it on but tried not to let the kids see him in it.  Hyrum got a small glimpse of him and ran and told Kait, "I knew Daddy was Santa, now we know for sure it is him because I just saw him getting ready for the big night."