Thursday, June 26, 2008

Peas in a Pot

We are renting a basement apartment so I have no spot of my own to plant a garden so I asked the owners if I could plant some stuff in pots. We mostly did squash and cucumbers and stuff that you don't usually plant in rows but Kaitlyn loves peas so we tried some of those also. They are finally getting some pods and Kait is so excited and I am thinking about growing stuff like this more often because I haven't had to weed at all.


Andrea and Dave said...

Amy, I love your vegetables. I also love peas fresh from the garden. Did you do them from seeds or from starts? I finished my garden yesterday. Last year we planted tomatoes and cantaloupe. I wanted to do some different things just to see if I could do it. Some of the odd ones are beets and yellow banana hot peppers.

Adams Family said...

I started everything from seed, but I may run and get a tomatoe start still because I have just learned to like tomatoes.