Friday, June 6, 2008

Spanish Fork

Well, I guess we are going the blog world. I'm not sure I am really comfortable exploiting myself for all to see but I enjoy reading everyone else's blogs so much that I've decided to join the band wagon. We are currently renting in Spanish Fork, Utah while playing the real estate game of trying to figure out the smartest time to buy.
I am in charge of activity days with the primary age girls and Rob is the emergency preparedness specialist in the ward. The primary president, a little prematurely, asked if the bishopric had asked us to be in the nursery yet something I will be excited about since Rob or I tend to hold our own private nursery in the hall with Hyrum every week anyway only now someone else will be in charge of the snack and Hyrum can get used to the nursery a little early. Rob's not quite as excited but I think when he starts really delving, is that a word, into the lessons he'll learn to enjoy it. Anyway, hopefully we'll find some fun things to write about.



Rob said...

Since when have you not felt comfortable exploiting yourself? Starting out your blog with such a blatant falsehood is probably a bad way to draw readers.

Cowboy mom said...


Andrea said...

You guys would be great in the nursery. Ooohhhhh. You mean they want you to be the nursery LEADERS. I see. Let me rethink my first sentence. Really, I would love it if my son had you as nursery teachers. I am excited for you blog.