Monday, July 7, 2008

St. George Trip

My cousin Matt was blessing his baby last weekend so we took Mom and headed south. Here are my favorite moments.

Kait, who swims pretty well but gets tired quickly, swimming up to complete strangers in the pool and grabbing on to their shoulders and then giggling and laughing as they pushed her over to the side of the pool.

Dad falling asleep with the lights still on and then after I have tucked the kids in and turned out the lights he rolls over and talks in his sleep. Kait says, "Dad, it is still the middle of the night, go back to sleep, you can't get up now." I whisper, "he is not really awake" but she can't tell it is me so she says,"I can hear you whispering now go to sleep."

Hyrum walking up the 3 stairs, like an adult not crawling, and back down the stairs at Brigham Young's house. Mom was not allowed to help. It was worth the chance of him nosediving and a favorite moment because he wasn't running wild trying to get into every expensive irreplaceable relic he could for a few minutes.

Mom in the back seat reading books with Kait and feeding Hyrum cookies for the entire drive. Kait finished all of her reading for the library reading program and she now knows most of her parts of speach, ;) and Hyrum had minimal crying. (I might always take Mom on our road trips.)

Finally realizing, with help from Rob, that Elder Eubank, the guide at Jacob Hamlin's house was Mark Eubank the former channel 5 weather man of 40 years. He predicted our drive home would be hot and dry, it was cloudy with showers.

Listening to Garrison Keeler, Prairie Home Companion, up and back.

Kait telling Mom that she loved the color of her hair and wanted to be just like her when she grew up, well she didn't know if she would be able to dress exactly like her but....

The chicken salad croissant sandwiches at Matt's luncheon. I love those.

Being with family, at least when the kids were asleep, which wasn't much.


Andrea and Dave said...

I can't believe you met Mark Eubank in real life! I need to take a trip to St. George. And take your mom.

Andrea and Dave said...

Amy, can I borrow some money? You know I am good for it.

Andrea and Dave said...

Amy, I picked and ate zucchini from my garden yesterday. If you lend me money, maybe I can pay you back with zucchini.

Adams Family said...

I have a $20.00 right here just come and get her. (Oh and if you are actually serious please call on my not so public phone line, unless of course you are too embarrassed to ask in person in which case email me. Repayment in zucchini is fine though I think that you may have just suggested that to show that you can spell it.)

Andrea and Dave said...

I'm just kidding about the money. I think it might be a joke that I might use to make people feel either slightly uncomfortable or just plain sorry for me. It is not really funny though. What if I needed more than $20? Cheap.

Rob said...

Then you would have to go to Rob. J\K

Andrea and Dave said...

Rob, do you like zucchini?