Friday, June 13, 2008

Old Faithful.

We are in Jackson Hole, Wyoming this weekend. We went up to Yellowstone Park today to drive around and show Kait what Old Faithful is. My parents came with us. We were talking about how things have changed up here since we had been here last, and Kait, picking up on our conversation, asked why it was now unfaithful. She also kept calling it a volcano, and when someone tried to correct her, she insisted that it was a volcano. Everyone knows volcanoes are way cooler than geysers. Well, maybe cooler isn't the right word.

We're staying in someone's vacation home that they rent out when they're not using it. We fit my parent's entire family in there. 2 Grandparents, 7 kids/kids-in-law, and 8 grandkids. And there is plenty of room. It's a pretty nice place. The views are beautiful. And yes, we are in Wyoming. I'm as surprised as anyone.

Here's a picture of what we think is a bear.

Can't see the bear in there? Yeah, we're not really sure it's a bear either. Could be though. We thought we saw it move once. Of course, it was a windy day.

Here are a couple pics from Old Faithful.

Grandma and Kait as the volcano erupts!

A little lunch on a cold day. I was waaaay under-dressed.

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Andrea and Dave said...

It looks like you had fun at Yellowstone. I am sure it was a bear in that picture and that you were in incredible danger, sacrificing yourself for the sake of the perfect shot. I like Yellowstone. I am amazed at how many trees are there.