Saturday, February 12, 2011

Caleb "Jimmer" Adams--fireplace update for Cathy

Ok, we have been planing on Caleb playing NFL for our retirement security, he's simply too chubby for basketball, or so we thought. But his middle name is James and after seeing this picture of Freddette as a Deacon we are willing to be flexible.

I need to figure out how to decorate it cute....the fireplace mantel, not Caleb.

Like I said, football is our first choice.


Andrea said...

You forgot to wish me a happy birthday.

Adams Family said...

Shoot!!! Happy B-day Andrea. Puns intended.

Cowboy mom said...

Beautiful fire place!! Thanks for being so thoughtful as to post the finished product.
You Know. Caib was my chubbiest toddler and now he's tall and lanky, so who knows?