Thursday, June 26, 2008

Peas in a Pot

We are renting a basement apartment so I have no spot of my own to plant a garden so I asked the owners if I could plant some stuff in pots. We mostly did squash and cucumbers and stuff that you don't usually plant in rows but Kaitlyn loves peas so we tried some of those also. They are finally getting some pods and Kait is so excited and I am thinking about growing stuff like this more often because I haven't had to weed at all.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


This blog is a blog of Rob Blogging. Say that 5 times.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Old Faithful.

We are in Jackson Hole, Wyoming this weekend. We went up to Yellowstone Park today to drive around and show Kait what Old Faithful is. My parents came with us. We were talking about how things have changed up here since we had been here last, and Kait, picking up on our conversation, asked why it was now unfaithful. She also kept calling it a volcano, and when someone tried to correct her, she insisted that it was a volcano. Everyone knows volcanoes are way cooler than geysers. Well, maybe cooler isn't the right word.

We're staying in someone's vacation home that they rent out when they're not using it. We fit my parent's entire family in there. 2 Grandparents, 7 kids/kids-in-law, and 8 grandkids. And there is plenty of room. It's a pretty nice place. The views are beautiful. And yes, we are in Wyoming. I'm as surprised as anyone.

Here's a picture of what we think is a bear.

Can't see the bear in there? Yeah, we're not really sure it's a bear either. Could be though. We thought we saw it move once. Of course, it was a windy day.

Here are a couple pics from Old Faithful.

Grandma and Kait as the volcano erupts!

A little lunch on a cold day. I was waaaay under-dressed.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Aerobics and a new home

Usually after having a baby the baby helps me lose the baby weight through his frequent nursing but losing this baby at 5 months I gained just as much weight as going full term and have been forced to use Gilad on Fit TV to help me turn my BODY into a fat burning machine. Hyrum too is toning up and looking great.

Kaitlyn has built me a new home and now I just need to buy some land to put it on. If anyone knows of a good deal on land in the Payson\Benjamin area let me know. Preferably the more rural part with more land and fewer houses. :)

Friday, June 6, 2008


Wow, that's a little short. I hope all of my boys like having there dad's haircut because that is all Kait and I know how to do.

(I am signing these in hopes that Rob will add a few blogs himself.)

Spanish Fork

Well, I guess we are going the blog world. I'm not sure I am really comfortable exploiting myself for all to see but I enjoy reading everyone else's blogs so much that I've decided to join the band wagon. We are currently renting in Spanish Fork, Utah while playing the real estate game of trying to figure out the smartest time to buy.
I am in charge of activity days with the primary age girls and Rob is the emergency preparedness specialist in the ward. The primary president, a little prematurely, asked if the bishopric had asked us to be in the nursery yet something I will be excited about since Rob or I tend to hold our own private nursery in the hall with Hyrum every week anyway only now someone else will be in charge of the snack and Hyrum can get used to the nursery a little early. Rob's not quite as excited but I think when he starts really delving, is that a word, into the lessons he'll learn to enjoy it. Anyway, hopefully we'll find some fun things to write about.