Thursday, August 7, 2008

It is Great to have Weight!

As a fat momma I was on my treadmill trying to become a skinny momma when I hear my 4 year old screaming from the bathroom at the top of her lungs, I yell back, she yells, I yell, she yells, We can't hear so I turn off the treadmill and go into the bathroom to find out what the emergency is. "Mom, why do our eyes water when we really got to go and we're going?" Fat momma listens to a long, 4 year olds, explanation of why she thinks it is so and goes back to the treadmill.

I won the big splash competition at the ward swimming pool party last night. The other 10-12 year old boys thought I was cheating.

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Boy Mom said...

Don't ya just love the chattiness of 4-5 year olds, and it's always the most important thing in the world no matter what mamma's doing.

Oh, and you're not fat!!!!!