Monday, August 11, 2008

Fun With Cousins

Kait got to have some of her cousins spend a few nights with her after their baby sister was born. In an attempt to win the battle of the favorite aunt competition, though I am not sure anyone but Mickie and I are competing, we all went to a little water park for fun. Here are a few pictures. Really the entire purpose of this blog is to post the freakin' awesome picture of ME that Rob took.


Cowboy mom said...

HOLY COW!!!!! Look at that cleavage!!

Andrea and Dave said...

I have to agree with the cleavage comment. Shouldn't my computer editor thing block out images like that one? ;)

Ray and Mickie said...

That is a really awsome picture of you, I want to put it on my blog on the side. haha And just to remind you, I AM THE FAVORITE AUNT. I don't have to try to win their love with water parks, or treats. They choose me to be the favorite because of my awsomeness. :) But don't feel bad, you are second in command by a mile or two. :)