Monday, July 28, 2008

Mom never raised her voice to any of her 11 children!! (Written Susan Style)

Kait: Ha ha ha ha I have more grapes than Hyrum.

Mom, trying to teach her daughter not to say things that could hurt other people's feelings says: Kait, is that a nice thing to say? Would you like it if someone had more than you and laughed at you?

Kait: But Hyrum doesn't really know what I'm even saying.

"He understands a lot and Hyrum is just learning to talk and when you talk like that you will teach him to talk like that."

Kait: Why does Hyrum always do what I do?

Mom: Because he spends most of his time with you me and Dad. So he does what we do.

Kait: Just like I do what you do?

Mom: Yep, that's why I need to try and always be nice.

Kait: Who do you act like?

Mom trying to follow her line of reasoning: I try to act like my mom. Is Grandma James nice?

Kait: Oh yeah! She is so so OLD, she could never say anything mean.

Mom thinks but doesn't say: "Kait, would you like it if someone said you were so so YOUNG?"


Andrea and Dave said...

Amy, I love this picture. I didn't know your mom had another baby. Does that make 12?

Cowboy mom said...

You're right, I can't remember mom ever raising her voice!!!!