Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sports With the Kids Are So Fun.

Hyrum and Caleb got talked into, ok I got talked into, letting Hyrum and Caleb do wrestling this year.  They loved it.  They would look at me like, can I really attach this kid and throw him to the mat?  The coach said he had almost never seen two kids that seemed to be having so much fun and winning so much even though they were clueless before their first match. 

Hyrum loves soccer too.  He loves any sport I will let him play.

Caleb didn't have a clue what he was doing but he would take boys down right and left.  He happened to wrestle a kid that really knew what he was doing and kept pinning Caleb but each time he would jump up, smile, growl and yell,  "attach!!!."  (I don't think I am going to have the boys wrestle anymore because we are doing a bit too much and I don't like all of the weight issues that come with wrestling but it was sure fun to watch).

Kaitlyn played her first year of basketball this year.  She had no idea what she was doing.   When they started the game and all circled around the ball for the jump she stood out of the circle and just watched.  After the other team made their first basket she picked up the ball and everyone else ran down the court but she just stood there with the ball and then started to dribble down court until the ref told her she had to take the ball out of  bounds and throw it in to a teammate.  Anyway, by the end of the season she was quite good at defense but she didn't like getting the ball and was even kind of scared of it so the last game of the season I told her that I would give her a dollar for every rebound she got and every basket she tried to make.   By the end of the game I owed her 24 dollars.   I even told her just trying to shoot didn't count anymore she had to make it and the very next shot went in.  The other team had to hold her out of the key and kept fouling her to try to keep her away from the ball.   The other coach even came up to her and said they couldn't get any rebounds thanks to her.   It was really fun to watch and now she wants to play next year.  I am not sure I can afford it though.  ;)

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