Saturday, June 11, 2011

Caleb Is 2

Happy Birth day Chubs!!!!! Obviously Caleb is into Elmo right now. MaryAnn helped me frost the Elmo cake, ok, she did almost all of it.

His favorite gift was a regift. We put batteries in an old "tickle me Elmo" toy that hasn't had batteries for a long time and wrapped it up and he loved it and carried it around all day. (Thanks Michelle who gave it to Kaitlyn when she was little).

We love you Caleb! Here are a few of the things that I want to remember about you when you were still one.
*You always tell me "no" when I ask you anything and then say "all right" after words.
*You bolt for the front door anytime it is open and love to ride any little bike. You look like Fred Flinstone with your little feet going a mile a minute and easily keep up with the adults walking.
*You are constantly trying to play in the car, with the vacuum, etc.
Your frowny face, smiley face is adorable.
Anyway, we love you tons. You are so easy going and yet into everything. You are amazing.

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Jenny said...

I had to say something since we share a birthday. I'm glad the re-gift was the best one. What I love about Caleb is he always comes up to me, especially in a crowd, and just stares at me till I make eye contact and then he smiles real big and runs away. Love it!