Friday, March 13, 2009

Rambling blog about nothing, for Cathy's sake.

I've decided that potty training is scary. Hyrum just decided he was ready to be potty trained a few weeks ago and keeps taking off his diaper and sitting on the potty so I decided to try and see if he could be potty trained before this baby gets here. But I've decided it is really scary to potty train. He stayed dry all day on Monday so Tuesday I put him in big boy underpants. Setting him in the car to go somewhere with out his diaper freaked me out. With Kait I was ignorant about how big of a pain it is to wash those darn car seat covers but my eyes are wide open now so I lined the bottom with open diapers. He did great and stayed dry all day. I was so proud of him. But then yesterday he did lousy. He would tell me that he had to go to the bathroom, we would go in there, and then he wouldn't go until right after I put his diaper or under ware back on. Sigh! We'll see how it goes.
Today the Utah legislation passed a bill saying "Anyone interested in buying a newly built home could receive a $6,000 state grant under a bill the Utah Legislature has approved." I emailed the link from KSL to Rob because we should be buying in the next 3 or 4 months but told him that the grant made me sick to my stomach for some reason. He responded that he didn't think we qualified and when I asked him why not because we fit all of the requirements he said he was pretty sure that it required that you be a socialist or a communist. His comment made me laugh and love my husband.
Kaitlyn's new favorite show is Scooby Doo. She laughs through the entire thing but is then timid about walking down the hall alone and stuff. I told her if she was to scared to use the bathroom or go to her room by herself then she wouldn't be able to watch Scooby Doo again until she was 7. This morning she asked if she could watch it and I said only if she went and cleaned up all of the shoes at the end of the hall. (Smart Mom....the shoes get cleaned and she has to go down the hall by herself.) She stood at the top of the hall for a good 10 seconds and then asked if it would be all right if we changed the rule so that if she was too scared to go and clean up the shoes then she wouldn't be allowed to do any cleaning until she was 7. She ended up cleaning up the shoes and watching the movie.
Ok, enough rambling.


Cowboy mom said...

Thanks I do blogs like that all the time for others sake. I like Kaitlyns way of thinking.

Techno Grandma said...

She sure can turn things around, can't she. Is that creative dyslexia or what.