Monday, January 12, 2009

I haven't written in my journal for quite a while.

These are as close to journal entries as my children are going to get, at least for a while.
The 2 kids from upstairs were down here playing while their mom did her visiting teaching and then she took her boy and Kaitlyn upstairs for preschool which was at her house today. Anyway, Kait called me right after getting upstairs to tell me that she had left her glass of milk on her computer desk and could I please go drink it or put it in the fridge. It made me laugh.

This is totally staged. She just wanted to play on the treadmill when I got through.

Well, we finally used the sleds we bought as a gift for someone last Christmas and never gave them to them. It was fun.

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Boy Mom said...

I love sledding! There is nothing like sitting down on a slippery piece of plastic at the top of an icy hill with two kids on your lap and one in the oven, and nothing but your vague recollection of high school physics for steering and your body for an air bag. That's a thrill just not offered in most family activities.