Tuesday, December 2, 2008

New Christmas Tree Decoration Trend

It is after 4:00 and I really should make dinner but I don't feel good so I am just going to sit here and blog until Hyrum wakes up and hence makes making dinner 10 times harder.

So far almost every year since Kaitlyn was 15 months old I have started out the Christmas season decorating the entire tree and then usually by about the day after setting it up all of the ornaments are on the top half of the tree. This year has been no different despite the fact that I refused to hang a single glass ornament no matter which great grandma's they were. When ever I find one of said plastic ornaments, more like half a dozen said ornaments, on the floor I place them on the top half of the tree which greatly slows my one year old's ability to pull them off. Anyway, I have been babysitting 3 kids once or twice a week for a friend while she finishes a class at school. And hurrah, hurrah, when I arrived Monday morning they had their tree set up as well. So now I got the joy of trying to stop 5 children 5 years old and under, from destroying somebody else's great grandparents ornaments. The first 10 minutes went great. Everyone was informed to stay away from the tree and they were merrily playing with a nice plastic tool box a good 10 feet from the tree. But the next 10 minutes didn't fair so well. My sports fanatic one year old, yes his daddy loves that ok I do too, was playing with a plastic 12 inch screwdriver when he walks over to the tree and swings the screwdriver like a bat hits a beautiful glass ball and yells "ball". I took away the "bat" after telling him to level out his swing next time, cleaned up the glass pieces and went to go throw them away, my mistake for the garbage is in the kitchen, and come back to him holding at least 7 other glass bulbs happily singing balls, balls, balls. I rescued those but they all ended up on the top half of the tree. The good news is that I think they liked the way we changed the decorations because when I showed up this morning to babysit there wasn't a single ornament on the bottom half of the tree, of course their 5 year old kept telling me that "if Hyrum goes near the tree am supposed to tell you Sister Adams" so it may have been something besides my artistic ability that inspired their great liking of my unique decorative style.


Cowboy mom said...

We always block the entire room off when we have a one, two, three year old. or get a very pokey spruce tree(see my blog) we're lucky though living here where we can go cut our own trees. By the way. if you'll notice my tree(once again see my blog) it has no ball ornaments glass or otherwise. Smart huh?

Boy Mom said...

What is it with boys and their balls?

Rob said...

All boys have a fascination with balls. But they drop 'em when they get older.