Sunday, November 23, 2008


Well I had my first doctors appointment. He did an ultrasound just to make sure that the baby's heart was beating. It was but I am NOT having twins. I tell you what, I marched into Costco and demanded my money back. After an hour long argument with the manager he finally refunded me for one of the tests. Good thing I kept the receipt.

Susan and Rick won the Peanut Butter Bar Give Away. I just read her blog and apparently she suspects our ploy of inviting ourselves over, she even made us dinner, but it is a little to late now for suspicions. As with any good scam you kind of realize it after the damage is done.

I am already in my maternity clothes. I look the same size as my niece who is 4 months farther along than I am. Is it farther or further? Anyway, I think I will breastfeed this kid until he is 2 in hopes of losing the weight of 2 pregnancies.

I didn't really go to Costco, to buy the tests or return them, I buy my tests at the dollar store... I really do; they are the best deal in town. The peanut butter bars weren't hi def. I may have been wearing maternity clothes even before I got pregnant.


Robby and Christy said...

We are glad to hear that everything is well with your pregnancy!

Steph said...

Too bad you are not having twins! :) Just for the record, I am looking a little, tiny bit more pregnant than the last time you saw me...but not much.

Cowboy mom said...

Well, I should hope he gave you your money back. Can you really nurse for two years to loose more weight? Wow you are so smart to think of things like that. maybe I'll try that.

Andrea and Dave said...

Amy, your blog is always so funny that I am not sure if you are the one writing it. Not that you aren't funny, because you are very funny, but it seems to be a different humor when I read it rather than when I am with you in person. Maybe I will just read your blog instead of hanging out with you. Can we hang out before our kids get sick?