Monday, November 17, 2008

Announcing the first annual peanut-butter bar giveaway!

You've heard the rumors. These are the best peanut-butter bars you could ever imagine. They're the real reason Oprah can't stay thin. Now is your chance to experience them for yourself. All you need to do is meet some simple qualifications and pass our little test below. One winner will be chosen.

  1. First, you must have hi-definition TV. And the bigger the TV set, the better.
  2. Second, you and your hi-def TV must be available for presentation of the grand prize this Saturday, November 22nd, from 4:00 pm through 7:30 pm. In case of overtime, it could last another hour or so.

Now for the little quiz:

1. I always cheer for:
A. The Cougars
C. The Lord's University
D. The current and back-to-back MWC champs, and the only MWC team with a NC

Note: If you can't answer this question correctly, you get 0 (zero) on the quiz portion. This doesn't automatically disqualify you, but it does put you at a disadvantage.

You may also submit a short essay, but keep in mind that my daughter will be grading the quiz and essays, so no big words.


Boy Mom said...

Dear Kait,

I think your Daddy is the greatest.

My answer to the quiz question is Pull Down.

Hi-definition peanut butter bars are so much better than those other bars. And on February 25th(or there-a-bouts )Hi-Def Peanut butter bars are the law. Thanks Congress, you rock!

Pick me! Me! oh, oh Me! Me.

DoubleDeej said...

It's too bad the game is being broadcast by The Mountain. Not only do they have the worst production in the history of television, they also only broadcast on Comcast around here, which is one of the most evil corporations in the history of the world. And the game won't be in high definition.

Rob said...

Although I agree with Doug about the evilness of Comcast, the fact is that the game will be broadcast in high definition. Doug, if I'm wrong about that, you win the peanut-butter bars.

Rob said...

I just found the following link about broadcasting in HD:

Rob said...

Also, DirectTV has the mtn:

the james family said...

BYU? what BYU? I'm voting for the Peanut butter bars. AND Kait if I win them I will let you pick 2 things from my snack drawer. Aunt Tracey Rocks okay, Say that 3 times fast. louder, LoUdEr, now even LOUDER Thanks, love you Kait.

Rob said...

Update: So far, you have all failed the quiz. I've instructed Kait on how to grade, and she knows the right answer isn't 'Pull Down.' Which, by the way, caused some bad flashbacks for her, and you actually got a negative score. So for now, Johnny is in the lead with 0 points on the quiz and the bribe of the candy drawer, although I'm skeptical about his meeting the qualifications in the first place.

Boy Mom said...

Sorry Kait you know Aunt Susan loves you and feeds you many yummy treats, you also know she can keep up with feeding your Mom which is impressive.

As for the quiz question we all know it's God's University, cause your Daddy is hoping to go to heaven with all Gods' professors who work there.

I've been on DoubleDeejs' blog and seen his equipment (technology equipment that is) and I think we should all go there. however in the spirit of friendly competition DoubleDeeg can come here if we win, cause I'm just cool that way.

I too question John's qualifications so if we win he can come too but he doesn't get any Hi- Definition Peanut Butter bars.

Boy Mom said...

Gasp, it's game day and no contest results. Come on Kait, you can't eat all those peanut butter bars yourself.