Thursday, October 23, 2008

Gestational Tourettes

I have never really cussed in my life, not that cussing is overly offensive to me so long as it isn't demeaning a person or isn't too vulgar. I am fine with a person choosing to say that they stepped in dog crap or choosing to use a more descriptive way of explaining what they stepped in. Anyway, my last pregnancy I started randomly swearing. My husband likes to tell his friends that I started swearing like a banshee, but in reality I would yell "shit," while running to the stove to try to save our forgotten dinner before heading to Arby's. Once the baby died, hence my pregnancy, the swearing died too. So when I said "Oh hell" about something one week into this pregnancy Rob and I just looked at each other and giggled.
A lot of women like to figure out creative ways to inform their husbands that they are pregnant. I haven't decided if my next pregnancy, right after taking the pregnancy test, I am just going to let out a string of descriptive words from the bathroom or if I will just start randomly swearing again until Rob notices. I actually just found a web site that explains that, "Certain stressful processes during gestation or at the time of birth may increase the chance for a person to develop tourette syndrome". I can attest to both during gestation and the time of birth. I love the internet. I can justify anything I do with a few clicks of the mouse.


Cowboy mom said...

Oh, so that's my problem. Wait a minute. I'm not pregnant Damn!

Boy Mom said...

Richard and I have such potty mouths that we've wondered if one or both of us has Touretts Syndrome One night we got drunk(on sugar free wallmart fruit punch) and came up with the idea for a Touretts support group t-shirt.

Touretts Syndrome Support Group

There but for the grace of Goddammitso*ofa*itchmoth**f*cke* go I.