Sunday, July 24, 2016

Yuba Lake Reunion

Well, we are back from Yuba Lake where we went for the James family reunion.  We played in the lake, boated, and camped.  It was fun!
Silas, Chance, and Hyrum spent the entire 3 days hitting each other as hard as they could with swim noodles. Hyrum finally had to put on a life jacket and goggles for extra protection.  I kept thinking that maybe I should stop them but they were having so much fun and were in an environment that it wasn't really bothering anyone so we just let them thoroughly enjoy being boys and no one ever came crying to me.  I know, amazing!  (Correction, Hyrum just read this and informed me that the life jacket and googles were not for protection they actually held extra life power and the goggles shot lasers).

The first night, of course the first and not the last, Kaitlyn was up late reading by flashlight in our tent, when I was awoken by her yelling, "Caleb!! what are you doing"??"  I was thinking he was stealing her blankets or something and was about to get mad at her for yelling in the night but then I saw Caleb standing on his sleeping bag with his pants down peeing everywhere and decided not to yell at her.  I opened the tent and hurried him out but before I could get out to help him get to the bathroom he finished peeing right there on the grass, turned around, came back inside, climbed back in his sleeping bag and was asleep.  I looked at all of the other boys who never even woke up, lifted their heads and turned their peed on pillows over  and then I climbed back into bed and went to sleep myself still confident in my "mother of boys" abilities.

Other then Momma getting lost in the night while looking for the very smelly outhouse along with  my plea for all men everywhere to please, whether you put the lid down at home or not, please put the toilet seat down on the outhouse toilet for us poor night blinded, half sleeping, trying to use the outhouse at night, women who aren't sure they would be rescued until morning sake, all went well!

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