Sunday, January 5, 2014

Kaitlyn's Birthday!!

Every year we have had a birthday party for Kait.  This year I just never got around to planning one.  I was pregnant and a bit uneasy about the pregnancy.  I sat down with Kait and said,  "would it be ok if we don't do a party this year? Maybe you and I can just go do something fun instead."   I can tell she is getting older because she was ok with that.  She still wanted one but understood that I was tired and busy.  Of course, she said, " that's ok Mom.   Maybe you and I should just go on a cruise or to Hawaii or something instead."
(We ended up delivering a still born girl on our birthday.  She got to spend the entire day at Grandma's and have a small party with a few cousins and I got to lay in bed allllll day and read.  So it turned out ok for both of us).

Kait I love you.  You are growing up and maturing.  You don't complain about cleaning nearly as much.  You are becoming a great helper with Tanner.  I love that I have always been able to explain a situation to you and you except it for what it is.  I love you!

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