Monday, July 23, 2012

Our Boise Vacation

So my Brother in Law, who is a Physicians Assistant, saw Tanner over the 4th of July and sent pictures to the dermatologist that he works with.   This man has been a dermatologist for 42 years.  He said after getting the pictures he couldn't sleep that night and wanted us to bring Tanner up there for a while so he could help clear him up.  So we headed to Boise where he saw us daily and helped clear him up.   We made it a family vacation and tried to do lots of fun things with the kids.  So here is our vacation\dr visit.
Tanner the day before we left.
A few pictures from the Boise Zoo

I love the tigers.

They had a butterfly display that you could walk around in and butterflies would land on you.

They loved the discovery center.

Tanner looking muuuuuch better.

Hyrum broke out in hives the first few days there.  We have know idea why.

Laura Beth was wonderful with Kait.  She let her come to a dance class that she teaches and took her for icecream, etc. Thanks Laura Beth.

OHHH, Laura is really really grandkid hungry.

We went out to dinner the night before we left and I gave Tanner some pieces of  the table rolls.  We watched him break out before our eyes.  He broke out a couple of other times but we weren't positive what caused it.  But we were able to clear up all of the breakouts with in hours and he is back to looking great.   Anyway.  we are home and he is doing well and the kids all had fun.  THANK_YOU LAURA, TONY, DR. FLINT, and LAURA BETH.  I have been able to cradle Tanner in my arms since he has cleared up and had him play with my hair and face.  I've never been able to do this before because he would always rub his face against my shirt to itch himself and so I would have to turn him away from me.  And he is sleeping better and happier. YEAH!!!!!


Cathy Brian said...

So Glad for Tanner but My kids are bummed that you spent your family vacation in Boise instead of Loa. and now that I'm the volley ball coach I won't even be here for the fair. I have a VB tournament in St George that week end. Sigh and a game on the day of Ambers wedding and practices the three days before that. But....I still think I made the right decision to coach these girls.

Rob said...

Tanner is a different kid now. We could tell he had a happy disposition before, but now he is just always happy. And he seems to have developed a lot more in the last week too. He's much chubbier, and he's crawling everywhere.

A funny story about Caleb: In the car on the way back from Idaho the back windows on the van (which just open a little outwards instead of rolling down) were open and it was kind of loud so I closed them. About 30 seconds later, Caleb asked me to open the windows. I just told him no because it was too loud. About another 15 seconds goes by and we hear Caleb say, "My fingers hurt." Amy looked back there and his hand was stuck in the closed window.

Andrea said...

He looks so great! He's darling, even when his face isn't cleared up.