Friday, March 9, 2012

Hyrum is 5

Hyrum turned 5 on the 7th. We had a party at the house. We live in a neighborhood with a lot of little kids. We handed out 8 invitations and had 19 kids come. I told the parents that siblings who wanted to come could. I loved it. I used to not like throwing birthday parties because they are so much work but the last couple of years I have realized that I don't have to try to impress anyone and kids are going to have fun no matter what I do. So we play a couple of dumb games, open presents, and eat cake. I don't do a theme, I don't spend very much money, and the kids love it. It is a blast and very stress free.
The night before we make a cake of the kids choosing. This is supposed to be a "Little Einsteins" rocket ship. I figure the worse the cake turns out the funner it is to remember it. :)

It was cold but most of the kids ate outside anyway.
Ah the party is over and the sibling fights over the gifts has begun. Happy Birthday Hyrum. We love you!!!!!


Techno Grandma said...

I like your kind of parties. :)

Jenny said...

I think the cake is cute. If my kids think they're getting some fancy cake they're going to be horribly disappointed. ;)

Cowboy mom said...

yeah, I quit on the fancy cakes unless I'm in the mood....and the parties. My poor deprived children.