Friday, February 10, 2012

Tanner's Blessing and Sledding

Tanner was blessed on Febuary 5th by his Dad. After wards family came over for dinner. It was so nice to have family around. It was a really nice day. Tanner is such an easy baby. He is so easy going. I've never had a baby that wakes up and just plays and coos until I come and get them, but that is Tanner. His blessing was short and simple and the impression I got with Tanner is that he will be unassuming and content in life. The kind of person that blesses those around him just by quietly doing and being but people hardly even realize the blessing came because of something he did or said. He has renewed my love for all of my children in the 2 months he has been here. We love you Tanner.

Rob's work took their employees to Soldier Hollow to go sledding. They had a blast. Thanks Circle Pics


real-life said...

So sorry we missed it. I ended up having the flu the whole less than 24 hours we were in Idaho. Probably would have been fine had we stayed! J/k. But I'm glad everything went well.

Techno Grandma said...

Looks like fun sledding! I'll always remember looking out the window at the other kids sledding when I had to stay in bed with Rheumatic fever. It always looked like so much fun.

The baby is so cute.

Andrea said...

Tanner is so cute! Thanks for posting like I asked you to.

Jenny said...

I know you're right about Tanner because I sometimes forget you even have him! He's so quiet and is always sleeping when I see him.

I haven't been sledding on a big long hill like that for ages! :( I miss that.