Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kait's 7th Birthday

Kaitlyn was due October 4th 2003 but she surprised us by coming a little early on my birthday. It had never crossed my mind that she could be born on my birthday but in the hospital right after her birth it felt like she chose to come on the 27th, Mom's birthday, because we would be such good friends. I love her sooo much. She is smart, funny, obedient, (well most of the time), and beautiful. Some of the things that I love about her: when she watches movies she laughs so hard that all in the room have to laugh too, she is very conscientious of doing well and being good, she is social and always wants to be playing with someone but can curl up and read a book too, she loves to learn and grasps concepts quickly, and she is sensitive to my moods, (that can be really good and really bad but I love her for it), she is a wonderful daughter and a great big sister.

Here are a few pictures from her party. We have tried to start a tradition of making a birthday cake with the birthday child. It has been fun!

Pinatas are another tradition.



Boy Mom said...

She is beautiful just like her Mommy. Happy Birthday to both of you! Darling cake.

More Joy in "The Service" said...

Wow!! I cant't believe how fast she is growing up?!?!(....and you;) I remember how sad we were because we wouldn't be able to see your first little baby because we were moving to Georgia. I remember how excited you were! She is SO cute!
Love Johannah

Todd, Jen, Cody, Whitney and Jensen said...

Amy! I am so glad you are taking so many pictures... I remember those first scrapbooking days at Lori's house in Boulder city! You have come along way in the photo department, Way to Go! I have taken thousands of pictures but you would never know it by my yearly blog posts! Ha! Ha! Good to see your family is doing well. Awesome steal on KSL with the playset! Hope all is well. Just was thinking of you and wanted to drop you a quick Hello!

Love Jen