Monday, March 15, 2010

Hyrum's Birthday Tribute...A Little Late.

Things that I love about Hyrum mixed with a few things that drive me nuts:
*His crooked smile,
*His determination (he'll scream and cry trying to do things by himself but won't let me help,
*he sees what needs done with out being told,
*he knocks Caleb over to save him from hurting himself on something like a chair (love..nuts, hm),
*I sing him to sleep and he sings songs to me to wake me up,
*he gets me out on walks,
*his playing with my hair while drinking milk,
*his alphabet obsession,
*when he relentingly says, "okay" pronounced, "Otay,
*his cuddling and "I Love You Mom's".



More Joy in "The Service" said...

Happy Birthday Hyrum!

Amy, do you only have 3 kids? I could have sworn you had more.

Stephanie said...

Oh, i can't believe how old he's getting! Happy (very late) birthday!