Thursday, October 1, 2009

Things That Have Been Making My Heart Flutter

We did this age advancement program that shows how you are supposed to look in 30 years. This is how Rob should look...he's pretty hot and it does makes my heart flutter a bit. He looks like someone but I can't think of who it is.

Rob and I coached Kait's soccer team last month and at one of the games I saw hundred dollar bills blowing across the field. I started grabbing them and shoving them in my pocket and though I realized pretty quickly that it was my son who had taken them out of my purse and was throwing them, so it was my own money that I was catching, it was still kind of fun and made my heart flutter running around gathering up 100 dollar bills.

I got to have all of the family that lives around here over to our house for Caleb's baby blessing and Kait's birthday party. I have the best kids, husband, and family in the entire world and it makes my heart flutter.

I took a pregnancy test a few weeks ago because I was so tired and queasy and though it said negative a few hours later it read positive and until the next morning when I took another negative test my heart wasn't just fluttering it was jumping up and down and doing back flips.

Just for the record the picture is of Rob with Sean Connery's hair and beard put on aging program probably wouldn't have him growing hair, but he is hot. Don't try mugging me, I was on my way to buy some dressers from off of so I had cash in my purse, I don't normally carry around 100 dollar bills. My kids, husband, and family may not be the best in the entire world but you'll have to admit that Caleb's picture is pretty cute. I still haven't started my womanly cycle so I can't be sure that I'm not pregnant but I don't think I am. And once again, Rob is and will always be hot.


Cowboy mom said...

HOLY COW!!! Sean Connery, who's heart wouldn't flutter.(wink)
what a cute kid. let's see a picture of you with.... um, say.... oh I don't know, maybe ummm Julia Roberts hair or something. How come it dosen't work with girls?

Andrea and Dave said...

Sean Connery? I thought it was Kenny Rogers. I am sorry that I still haven't met your new additions: your son and your house. Neither one. He is adorable. This is a great post. I hope you're pregnant. That would be awesome.

Boy Mom said...

For the record I've always thought Rob was HOT. And not just when he's fixing my computers.

Hey I could use some flying hundreds right now, a lot of them.

Todd, Jen, Cody and Whitney said...

Definitely Kenny Rogers!