Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter and Random

Kaitlyn and Hyrum had a blast at all of the Easter egg hunts they had. Thanks Grandma Adams for the fun hunt. We are still trying to get rid of the all of the Easter candy they accumulated.

Hyrum is my little fix it man. (I do dress my children but my time frame in the morning is very optional). Anyway, when he found that light bulb by the bed he pulled a chair down the hall and tried to change the bulb in the hall like he had seen me do. I thought it was cute enough for a picture but partially changed my mind when he dropped the bulb and I knew I could have prevented it earlier.


Techno Grandma said...

Your Easter party looks fun. And one day Hyrum will be able to change light bulbs without breaking them--I occasionally break one still.

Boy Mom said...

Clothes are for civilized people, party on diaper boy! Speaking of colthes, I am getting rid of a bunch of 3T, 4T things. Interested?

Adams Family said...

Sure, Hy is already in 3t.