Sunday, December 26, 2010

3 years old is the best age for Christmas

My oldest sister, with 7 boys, once told me that 3 years old is the perfect age for Christmas. At that age they really want one particular thing, like a train, and they are thrilled when they get it. After this Christmas with my 3 year old I think I may agree with her.

My kids really wanted to go and buy gifts for each other for Christmas. So for FHE we said let's get in the car and head to Walmart and you can each choose out something for the other child. "NO! NO! we want to go to the dollar store where all the toys are." (Raise a child in the way they should go and they will not depart from it). So I relented and we headed to ALL A DOLLAR.
Hyrum found a fishing rod with 3 magnetic toys at the dollar store that he was sure either Kaitlyn or Caleb would love, just so long as they shared. But I wouldn't let him get it because he had already picked out his gifts and I was trying to teach him that he was buying for others not him. (Yes, he screamed the entire way out of the store when I made him put it back). But, that is alllllll he wanted for Christmas. That is what he told Santa on his knee, and that is what he told everyone he saw. And, hurray, Santa brought it for him. He was sooo thrilled with every gift he opened. I wrapped one gift in a milk box from Costco. When he opened it he loudly declared, "yeah, I love milk. I drink it all of the time." Anyway, 3 years old is a fun age.

Kait was at that, "Is Santa you Mom?" stage. She would say stuff like. If Santa wraps our gifts in this wrapping paper then I am going to know it is from you Mom. It too was fun.

And Caleb was blissfully ignorant. And Hyrum mostly opened the few gifts he did get. Sooo....maybe 1 is a great age too. Here are a few pictures.

Yes, that is only rented and not purchased.


Thursday, December 23, 2010

James Christmas party 2010

Sorry that the pictures are sooo small. Mom, if you double click on them it will make it bigger. ;) We all had a blast, even the snow storm was fun. Thank-you Darren and Carolyn for the hotel and planning. Congratulations Michael and Haley, (by the way if anyone has stuff they want to donate for there apartment, since they lost everything in the accident, let me know, ;) We missed all who couldn't come.