Tuesday, May 11, 2010


My mom!! She didn't read the scriptures everyday at 6:00 a.m. for 15 minutes but by constantly using them to learn from and teach us she is one of the best scriptorians I have ever met. We didn't pray every night as a family but we prayed often and I know that Heavenly Father answers prayers because she knows it. If I miss going to the movies with my husband for his work party because I have a nursing baby it will be ok because she showed me that your kids need you a lot more than watching some silly movie. She taught me that it is ok to sit home and read a book all day if you want to, the house is bound to get cleaned at some point and it always was...or still will be. ;) She taught me that the animal kingdom recognizes a welcoming home and we constantly had strays showing up and being excepted. She taught me that we are all in the process of learning and being perfected and that Heavenly Father is a loving, forgiving, demanding, but approachable Father who sees our weaknesses and makes them strengths and that we should treat others and our children the same way. Because of her I don't feel that I always have to be perfect just always trying to do a little better in the circumstances I am in. I believe that children are one of the best methods the Lord uses to perfect us. Mom, with eleven children, you are well on your way. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!! You are amazing to me.